Performances 2018

april 27 Noordwijk (NL) Kingsday (final)
may 4 Leiden (NL) Remembrance Day (final)
may 5 Rijnsburg (NL) Libertyconcert (final)
may 6 Brielle (NL)  
may 13 Douai (F)  
may 19 and 20 Saint Quentin Tattoo and Parade (option)
may 27 Merchtem (B) Parade (option)
june 10 Gouda (NL) Veteransday (final)
july 1 Somme (F) Battle of the Somme (option)
july 7 Brugge (B) Tattoo (option)
aurust 11 Rijnsburg (NL) Flowerparade
september 7 - 10 Porcieu-Amblagnieu (F) International Military Tattoo (final)
september 15 Alphen a.d. Rijn (NL) Tattoo (final)
october 2 + 3 Leiden (NL) Tattoo and streetparade
december 8 Leiden (NL) Christmastattoo
december 16 Doorn (NL) Concert for veterans

Performances 2019

september 22 Mierlo (NL) Parade and concert (option)