Performances 2023

Date: Place: Specific Information:
May 4th. Leiden (NL) Remenbranceday (Haagse Schouw) (final)
May 6th. Brielle (NL) Festival of Liberation (final)
May 7 th. Gouda (NL) Liberationconcert (final)
June 4-8th. Normandy (F) D-Day (final)
June 17 + 18th. Paris (F) Information will follow later (final)
June 24th. Zoetermeer (NL) Veteransday (option)
August 31th. Leiden (NL) Farewell to Mayor of Leiden (final)
September 8th. Gouda (NL) Veteransday / evening (option)
September 9th. Brussels (B) Tattoo (option)
September 23th. Gemert (NL) Veteransday (option)
October 3th. Leiden (NL) Festival (final)
December 9th. Leiden (NL) X-mas Tattoo (option)
December 17th. Doorn (NL) Christmasconcert in the Institute for Veterans (option)
Performances 2024
August 30th. Havelte (NL) Reunion TRIS (Dutch troops in Suriname) (option)